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Our team is glad to welcome you to WheelchairAssistance.Com web site! Wheelchairs allow the users to move around relatively easily and to live a disengaged and dynamic life. Anybody can find lots of makes of wheelchairs to meet particular users' necessities, such as the manual wheelchair, power wheelchair and electric wheelchair. Also there are wheelchair ramp installed in the most public places. A lot of people use power scooters or wheelchair ramps, basically disabled people or ones with limited mobility. Briefly, wheelchair ramps are inclined planes which ease those who have to use wheelchairs to get access to their houses or other buildings. The inclination of ramps is very important since certain angles can be difficult to access in a wheelchair. Manufacturers take this into consideration when porducing modular and portable ramps. Stationary ramps, both wooden and modular, should be projected to take this into account. There are specific laws that help to protect people who use wheelchairs when companies install ramps, guaranteeing that this inclination is within specifications.

When considering the design of a wheelchair ramp you should take into account the following:

Ramp Functionality

The disability of each person is individual. Thus, the functionality of every ramp is maximal if it is designed with this individuality in mind. Because disabled people use such ramps in different situations, for example getting in and out of cars, to access buildings and the entrances of public places, it is significant to bear their requirements in mind.

Ramp Size

Like each wheelchair or mobility scooter user is different, every such device also have different characteristics. These measurements can be found in the manual, but usually the recommended ratio is 1 to 12 for businesses. Thus, every inch of slope needs one foot of ramp. Ratio for homes should be 2 to 12, and for scooters ratio should be 3 to 12. Thereby, you will necessarily have to measure the length of the stairs and make or choose a ramp based on these recomendations.

Ramp Types

There are few various types of wheelchair ramps like wooden, modular, vehicle and portable. Wooden ramps are the wheelchair ramps of the old school. They are stationary and can be easely damaged. Modular ramps are also stationary and are generally made of aluminum, that's why they can last a very long time. And in spite of the fact that they are "statical", they still can be moved. And they don't break down because they are made of aluminum. Such ramps always come with handrails and they are quick and easy to install, although they should better be installed by a professional. Vehicle wheelchair ramps are used to ease exiting or entering a car. They normally are mounted on the back or side of a van or big car. Portable wheelchair ramps can be folded and taken with you everywhere. They are generally used to overpass little and moderate hurdles like some entry stairs. Such ramps are sturdy and make passing to most new places easier.

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