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We are glad to present you our web site! Wheelchairs let people to move around relatively easily and to keep dynamic and self-determined lifestyle.

Everybody takes his or her mobility for granted, however everyone is aging and slows down. As people grow old, their mobility becomes more influential because it gives them independence and self-support. Anyone who lives alone and begins to lose mobility may require residential care.

A loss of mobility can be followed by a greater risk of falls. For the aged people falls often result in hip and wrist fractures that always require surgery. There are some easy things that can be used or done to decrease such risks. One thing is the modification of environment, for example removing trip hazards like rugs and adding rails to bathrooms and stairs. Another way is to use a walking aid - the rollators.

Rollators should be prescribed by a doctor or at least a good physical therapist. They can help you understand what is suitable for you taking into consideration your medical history. However some personal preferences may not be excluded. Finally, you are going to be the one who use the rollator.

Rollators, or wheeled walkers, are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes and with wide range of options and features. The most general versions are 4-wheeled and 3-wheeled rollators.

4-wheeled versions do not turn easily, but they can submit substantially more support. Moreover, they are usually produced with a seat to let the user rest when it's necessary. Thereby 4-wheeled rollators are a very popular choice.

The 3-wheel walkers are more easely controlled and maneuverable. They are better to use in more confined spaces. Such walkers submit less support, that's why they are recommended for persons who need just moderate assistance.

Both versions of rollators use hand brakes and can be also equipped with carrying bag or basket to carry subjects that allow the user keep constantly both hands on the frame. This is a very important option.

Remember - Disabled just means differently-abled. These people are free to go wherever they like with the maintenance of a wheelchair or rollator.

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