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Welcome to the Wheelchair Assistance web site! Wheelchairs allow people with disabilities to move around relatively easily and to live a self-supporting and active life. Persons with limited mobility of course need a bigger degree of freedom and independence since wheelchairs can only go on short distances. Although many modern wheelchairs have advanced options such as electric motor and joystick controls, when traveling over a great distance cars are needed to carry both the wheelchairs and disabled people. The prevalent way to do this is to find a wheelchair van.

Using wheelchair vans for the handicapped people is not a new idea. They've been in use for a pretty long time. Generally a wheelchair van is just a converted van. During the readjustment the floor of a van is lowered. For a side entry van the side frames can be recut. For a rear entry wheelchair van a ramp and lift can be applied to load the wheelchair.

Still, minivans are now pretty popular. They can offer some benefits comparing to regular vans. Because they are smaller, such minivans are more easy to drive in streets with traffic and can find parking places easily. They are as well more ecologic and fuel saving. At the same time, bigger vans are more capacious and are great if you need more storage space or go on a long trip.

Wheelchair vans can be either rear entry or side entry ones. Side entry versions are readjusted by replacing the floor of a van with lowered one and cutting the frames. This makes the van more accessible by wheelchairs. The reduced angle of slope lets a wheelchair easily climb into the van. The new floor should be stronger than the one before conversion, and different anchoring systems are mounted to hold the chair in place.

Contrariwise, when converting a rear entry van, the fuel tank is moved from the back of the vehicle. Although the floor is lowered, the road clearance is left unchanged and because of it such type of vans is better for use in mountains or in the snow. But because the fuel tank is relocated, federal laws claim that new crash testing should be done to ensure the safety of such van. In addition, you won't need the reserved handicap parking places when using rear entry wheelchair vans.

Thus, you can selsct any type of the wheelchair van that matches your requirements. They all are constructed for your convenience and safety.

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